Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Go vote!

Get out and vote.  If you're a US Citizen and registered to vote, get out and vote!

This is the minimum amount of political involvement that you can do and still be honest in complaining about the government.  Growing up, my father and grandfather would sit around the table griping about taxes and politicians but neither one had voted in over twenty years.

I love my family but I happen to be of the opinion that if you are going to complain about something, do what you can to make it better.  

It's kind of like complaining about sitting in traffic for an hour because people are stopping to look at the wrecked cars, then stopping yourself and being part of the problem for everyone behind you.  Don't stop, step on the gas and move it!

Don't just stop to see the wreck that happens today, step on the gas and do something about it.  Unless you're a Hillary supporter and voted for Obama twice (or more), then just stay home - You've shown a profound lack of intelligence already and The Republic is better off if you stay home.

If only we could bring Ronald Reagan back..  Or at least revive the concepts of smaller government, less regulation, lower taxes, higher employment, stronger nation!  Government was not originally meant to replace your Mommy - wipe your own nose, think for yourself, live responsibly and within your own means.

Voting for a candidate simply because of their skin color or gender is possibly the greatest act of stupidity one can do short of jay walking on a busy freeway.  

  • Vote for someone based on their past performance - good and bad
  • Were they properly representing their constituents or were they simply collecting a paycheck and lobbyist bribes?
  • Is your candidate constantly in legal trouble?  What kind of moral character do you want to show as YOUR representative.
  • Does your candidate represent your overall community values or a small enclave minority of the community.

Well, that's enough rant for now.  Thanks for reading.