Monday, April 18, 2016

Getting some help with my composting

Over the last year I've been making compost using lawn clippings, fallen leaves, chicken poop, a bit of dirt and biological infusion of the last batch of compost.  It's been working well but I find myself in a quandary of abundance - The trash cans that I normally use are already full and not ready to dump and reload.

After reading in several other blogs how people have their chickens spread their compost piles to keep it mixed up, I  figured I'd let my girls have a go at the clippings.  I normally give them hay or straw as litter and shovel out their droppings often.  With the excess of litter building up I've turned the ground in their coop several times for them to enjoy the grubs and other bits the can scratch out.

Lets hear it for digging forks! My chickens act like it's Christmas when I turn up their coop.

After all of the litter and spilled feed the ground in the coop is really rich and I'm hoping to get a nice build up so I can take the top 2 or 4 inches out of their coop floor in a couple months. By the fall between the trash can composters and my little helpers there should be more than enough to till into the garden this winter.

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