Saturday, March 26, 2016

Getting the Garden into shape

Here it is, the end of March and I have had tomatoes and peppers in the ground for two whole weeks. I have only lost one from the original window box group and that was to snails and not transplanting shock.  In payback to the snail population for eating my tomato plant, there was a reckoning and the chickens served as their executioners (Insert evil laugh here)


I am trying the black ag cloth this year to try to keep ahead of the weeds.  It has worked pretty good where the wind and the dog will let it.  Every tool not in use has been pressed into service to hold the ag cloth down.

Even though I'm the only one who eats it, I'm thinking of planting some Okra in the open space on the right.

Last year's purchase of 3 flats of strawberries and 2 flats of pineberries (white, pineapple tasting strawberries) has survived the brutal California winter and filled in to an actual patch.  Of course there are the ever present weeds.

Two years ago, I had enough strawberries from a smaller patch to make some jelly.  I'm hoping to have enough for more jelly this year.

Collard greens and spinach in the ground.  Plenty of room for more.  There's a volunteer tomato and lettuce that have come up over here.  Corn has just sprouted on the periphery, I always have corn but seem to miss the harvest window and it gets starchy so I have not planted much this year.  Even it I miss the ripeness window, it's a treat for the chickens and it make me feel productive with tall corn in the garden.

In the window, I have just started some broccoli, pickling cucumbers and with a lot of luck, black pepper as well. The pepper plants are almost ready to go outside.

Last but not least, my gopher eradicator.  She's also good at chicken removal - Keeping an eye open for anything that needs killing in the back yard.

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