Friday, June 3, 2016

How I Broke my Broody Girls

In the past I would have locked the broody hen in a small cage with nothing to use as a nest with and after a couple of days, she stops clucking and gets back to normal.  This time around a thought struck me - Since their little house has a hinged roof to it, leave it open.

Their little safe space suddenly being a convertible with the top down was not so private anymore.  After the first day the two broody girls were out and about but would try to find a place to setup a nest but there are no other hiding places.  By day four, one had stopped clucking and seems normal and both are sleeping on the common perch again.  Gotcha!

I've closed their house back up and I'll see if this has actually worked or needs to stay open a little longer.  Fresh eggs are the best!

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