Saturday, June 25, 2016

Huzzah for Britain!

Wow, two posts in the same week.

British citizens have voted to leave the EU and throw the globalist agenda a curve ball.  Up until this morning, the polls that I had read and heard on talk radio stated that the sentiment was to stay with the EU.  This morning I was surprised to hear that the Brexit was a go!

Over the last couple of weeks I had heard reasons from both the stay and leave camps.  Outsourcing the management  of your country just seems to this American to be a bad idea.  When the EU can limit your manufacturing and control your economy without any 'skin in the game', I can see why the middle class and older voters would want to back out of the union.  Out of control immigration with high likelihood of terrorist infiltration.  Aggressive muslims wanting to bring in sharia law while the elites preach their multicultural excrement.  Britain (like the USA) has it's own culture and traditions and it is simply arrogant to tell the masses to accept a backwards foreign culture as valid.  Because wife beating and honor killings are no big deal, right?

From the 'stay' camp you had the wealthy and powerful expounding frightening visions of how leaving the EU will leave the county weakened militarily and encourage radicalized muslims to more terrorism.  But the UK never gave up control of  their military and after dealing with the IRA terrorists, my money is on the Brit's - Margaret Thatcher was a leader with FAR more balls than our 'wimp in chief' and had the metal to make the hard decisions in the Cold War and IRA conflict.

This will cause some instability for Britain but their destiny is back in their own control.  A message has been delivered to the elites and politicos with a big red bow on top of it.  Much like the success of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the US presidential race has thrown our political elites into utter fits.  While I am not a big fan of Mr Trump, I will be voting for him for simple reasons. First - I could not possibly bring myself to vote for a Democrat in the first place. Second - given the choice of a successful capitalist, an admitted socialist or a (as yet to be convicted) criminal, I'll take the capitalist every time.

In 2004, I had full knowledge that a black person could be a good president just not the man that was running.  It's 2016 and after Margaret Thatcher, I know a woman can be a great leader, but Hillary Clinton is not a great leader.  She has used politics to enrich herself without a care about the people and live destroyed in her wake. Rant, rant, rant...

Good luck to all of us!  To quote from the movie Gremlins 2: “Well, it’s rather brutal here. Right now we are advising all our clients to put everything they’ve got into canned food and shotguns."

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