Saturday, May 28, 2016

An abundance of sunshine makes a garden happy!

Well, I'm not trying to show off to those of you up in the northern states (Hello Redoubters!) but there is at least a nice part about living in southern California - Lots of sunshine, early and long growing seasons.  In just  a few months I have tomatoes just about to start turning red, collard greens and spinach ready for harvest.  Happy plants!

And that patch of straw in the lower part of the pic on the right is onions.  Something I was not planning on growing but someone left some produce too long in the buyers area at the office and I couldn't help myself but take them home and plant them. That much growth, they needed to be in the ground growing and I happen to have some ground!
The corn is going strong with one already in tassels and silk. Yummy corn coming soon!  It's only one plant that's gone that far but the others are growing nice as well.
Another bonus this morning, I was greeted by a bunch of California Poppies.  These have been a favorite of mine.  As a child, my father hauled feed to many of the dairies that WERE all over southern California (all most all the dairy farms are gone now). On weekends he would pack up the family and drive out to some of the  beautiful picturesque country where the dairy farms were at.  Out of the car window I could see the poppies in the fields so this little clump of poppies takes me back to happy times of childhood and family.
Last but not least, I had a hen go broody last week.  This had made egg collection a challenge with a girl that doesn't want to give up her eggs.  As if one wasn't bad enough, a second girl started clucking this morning and guess where I found her when I went out to collect eggs - next to broody.  Apparently, nobody had the 'birds and the bees' talk with these girls because I do not have a rooster so these girls are only hording my breakfast!

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