Sunday, May 22, 2016

Write To Your Representatives

I've never done this before but here I am a week after my 49th birthday writing my State representatives.  I guess this means I really am getting old...


I am asking as a third generation California resident and a constituent in your district - Please do not vote yes in the current group of new gun or ammunition laws.  These do nothing but help crime.  By disarming law abiding citizens and lawful gun owners you will
be hurting the people you are here to represent.  

Additionally, I know these laws will make it illegal to bring ammunition in from other states but I am sure that this part is going to have only token enforcement like many of the many gun laws from years past.  What will be created is a whole new economy in black market ammunition.  

If you need a shining example of how these additional gun laws will fail, look at Chicago, Washington DC, New York and any of the other Democrat strongholds with draconian gun bans - Gun related crimes are still happening because the only people these laws apply to are the law abiding and do NOTHING to stop criminals.

Alan #####

Here in California, the Liberal politicians have such a grip on the population between the dependency class and the "we know what's good for you" groups they can get any bad law they can dream up passed.  This new group of gun and ammunition laws is simply insanity run a mock with background checks for ammunition purchases, higher fees (taxes) and the icing on the cake is that the California Attorney General has not completed implementing all the restrictions from laws passed in the 90's.

At what point will the Democrats in California start legislating against sharpened sticks and harsh language?  Meanwhile the thugs and criminals will still have an upper hand on the law abiding citizens.  They never seem to learn that their ideas just will not work - Socialism and gun control go hand in hand.  But they will never achieve the lofty long term utopia they are looking for; it always turns bad once the money is gone and the lazy dependency class they've created stops getting their freebies.

This is why history needs to be taught in our schools - these ideas just don't work.  Maybe this is exactly why it is not being taught - They really want to try the bad ideas again with what remains of the productive American tax payers footing the bill because this time they're sure they can make it work. It'll only cost us the Republic and our freedom - Don't you want to be safe and taken care of?

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