Sunday, May 15, 2016

Blog posts canceled due to Rant

I see why many bloggers start out strong and then fade after a couple of weeks.  I have started several posts in the last couple of weeks and ended up deleting or shelving the posts - due to rant.

Talk Radio or keeping up with the news could be the blame for my angst during this election cycle.  It is definitely been one of the most interesting presidential races in my almost 5 decades on this Earth.

We've had some possibly good leaders drop out of the Republican race. Some with dignity and grace, others not so much.  While the "handouts and breadlines" party has a Socialist and an un-convicted criminal (who is also a Socialist (Matthew 7:15-20)) slugging it out to see who can promise more freebies than the other.

In the end, the well informed are outnumbered by vast numbers of the uninformed or the Kool-aid drinking masses that will vote for some slogan or for the 'first woman' concept.  They will vote to make their moral failings legitimate and acceptable.  They will vote out of fear that the gravy train they are riding will be derailed.  Gone are the days of hard work and sacrifice to reap the rewards that they bring when you can just wait for your government check to give you the rewards that others have sown.  Taken by the state at the point of a gun.

For all the departures the progressives have taken from the simple, well written Constitution of this country, maybe the green energy people should look into tapping into the graves of our Founders.  The spinning could be harnessed as a final insult to give free electricity under an Obama energy plan.

Maybe, Dear Reader (if anyone actually reads this), you can see why I have been loath to finish a post lately.  It's kind of hard to transition from "Look - the tomato plants are starting to put on fruit" to "Elections have consequences" and not sound like a loon.  Hopefully, by my next post I will have calmed down enough to show off how well the garden is doing.

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